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Born in 2021 and attacking your senses from Brighton, England, THE RATTLEBACKS feature Coxy (Rhythm Guitar) and Max (Lead Guitar), both having known each other since birth. The duo soon embraced Jack “The Hell” Hollamby (Bass), and powerhouse drummer, Seth Markes, who complete their mighty rhythm section. The band undertook a two-and-a-half-year nationwide search to find the right voice, and after countless and unsuccessful auditions, they discovered Josh Clarke performing live, and instantly they knew they had their man.

The blazing quintet have a staunch passion to deliver hard rock music to a new generation. Tilting their hat to grunge and classic hard rock, whilst integrating modern sensibilities, THE RATTLEBACKS are not a band rehashing a pale imitation of a past incarnation, they proudly stand alone in their own capabilities and are an absolute force of swaggering nature. Already possessing a loyal fan base across Southern England with numerous sold-out headline shows, the band have developed an underground cult following. With their debut EP, Kink, now released to 5/5 reviews and featured in the likes of Powerplay and Metalized magazines (the later advertising that Kink was their 5th best release of the entire of 2023) the industry are beginning to wake up to the potential of the band as a live rock act with international promise.

With two new standalone singles due out in April/June and then their debut album coming in November, The Rattlebacks have multiple shows supporting Tailgunner throughout the year and have the foundations in place to cement themselves as THE most exciting new rock act of 2024.


Jack Hollamby




Rhythm Guitar


Josh Clarke



Max Horn

Lead Guitar

Seth Markes


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