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The Rattlebacks are a Brighton based hard rock band of stadium promise. With the line up finalised in 2021, and with Coxy (Rhythm Guitar) and Max (Lead Guitar) having known each other from birth, they have decided to use their brotherly bond to follow the greatest path of all. 


Transcending rock sub genres and creating a style that pushes on from rock acts of yesteryear, The Rattlebacks sound like The Rattlebacks. Having created a loyal fan base across the South East of England with many a sold out headline show, the band continue to create a buzz wherever they find themselves gaining industry attention in the process. 


The band are now in a position to mount a wider assault across the music industry with an EP released in November of 2023 and their highly anticipated debut album shortly after that. The latter being recorded at Lightship 95 under the tutelage of maverick producer Dave Holmes. 


They consider themselves a “live” band, creating a tangible atmosphere that has been missing from rock performances for decades. From guitar smashing to stage diving, the band make it quite clear that they have only been put on this earth to do one thing, entertain. And that they certainly do. You can catch them on the road in late 2023 and The Rattlebacks would certainly love the chance to demonstrate rock is far from dead. ARE YOU LISTENING GENE?!?!!?


Jack Hollamby




Rhythm Guitar


Josh Clarke



Max Horn

Lead Guitar

Seth Markes


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